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AI software for transcription and video analysis.

Better quality of AI transcriptions
Quickly generate high-quality transcriptions and subtitles in 140 languages. Our tool is equipped with speaker recognition and lets you easily edit the text.
Easy search of phrases
Important phrases can be tagged. This makes finding key information and quotes much faster e.g. when writing a report.
Effortless collaboration
Keep your projects in workspaces and share them with your team members.
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Need human support with Research? Check our services offer!

Our internal agency provides full UX research service from ideation to writing the report.

1. Ideation

We drive workshops with client to create research scenarios.

2. Recruit

We recruit participants to take part in the interviews.

3. Interviews

We moderate interviews with selected participants.

4. Analysis

We analyse recordings and create reports with recommendations.


Here's what our clients are saying about us

We used UX Mining platform to provide moderated usability tests to our main customer. The schedule was tight and the UX Mining platform did allow us to smoothly organize & run the interviews, as well as document & share insights between our UX Researchers. Thanks to that, we were able to issue a professional report in a record time.

Piotr Wierski
Senior Service Delivery Manager

Bochinski Foundation is all about an innovative user experience to access culture and art in a different way, so when I met with UX Mining platform that allowed us to verify our concept with users, it was a no-brainer!

Jarek Bochiński

UX Mining allowed us to make in-depth interviews project stress-free, with easy to use interface, and helpful capabilities like hidden observers and separate chats. The final report had the right attention to detail and the thorough analysis was truly impressive. Besides, UX Mining recruited for us tailored B2C & B2B participants in less than a week.

Michael Heina

As an early-stage startup CEO, I highly recommend using UX Mining! Research is a critical process while designing a new product, and UX Mining helps you drive in-depth interviews in the most effective way. Automatic recording, highlights, and sharing functionalities help you organize data and find many new insights!

Weronika Kołodziej

We have recently started using UX Mining and the results are amazing! Our product is very complicated, dedicated to Data Science professionals and so far we have not been able to analyze the recipient's reaction. Thanks to the remote UX Mining tests, we were able to invite engineers cooperating with us to analyze and improve our UX. Remotely and at any time convenient for them.

Zbigniew Łukoś

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