Discover experiences
of your users

Research platform for conducting moderated usability tests effectively.

Deep insights
based on interviews

With our video-conferencing solution extensively tailored to UX research needs

Easy and fast

With our highlightning features for speeding up analysis and insights sharing

Central research

With our cloud-based platform for keeping all research recordings, notes, and insights

How it works?

With our platform you can drive usability test in 3 easy steps.

1. Create a project

At the beginning you need to prepare moderated test scenario and send the meeting link to your participants. No code-sinppets or browser plugins are required!


2. View recordings

After finished usability tests, you will get HD-quality recordings. On top of them you can create highlights to tag most important moments and share them with your team.

3. Go to report

Once you have all your footage, highlights, tags and other data you can share it within your team or URL link. What is more, you will automatically get a report with the most important statistics and information that will help you in setting priorities.


Lets keep in touch!

At UX Mining we are continuously developing and releasing new features. If you want to hear from us or beta-test our new functionalities feel free to enter your email below!